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Latest Update:

McMullen Septic Service will begin replacing all failing private septic systems in the Donovan Smith MHP Community on November 22, 2021.  This interim remedy will insure that all private septic systems in the Community continue to function properly while we await connection to the BPW public sewer system.


The purpose of this website link is to provide residents of the Donovan Smith MHP (the “Community”) with regular updates on the status of the Community’s efforts to connect to the Lewes Board of Public Works (“BPW”) public sanitary sewer system and public water utility system (the “Project”). Here you will find copies of the Community’s latest Corrective Action Plan (“CAP”), copies of the most recent pumping records for the existing On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems (“OWTDS’s”), and various other documentation regarding the status of the Project. Thank you for your interest in these important efforts.


The Donovan Smith MHP (the “Community”) is a manufactured housing community comprised of 130 lots, typically occupied by tenants who own their homes but rent their lots from the Community owner (not all of the lots are presently occupied).  The homes in the Community are connected to a number of different private On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems (“OWTDS’s”) which provide sewer service to said homes.  Over time, the condition of the private OWTDS’s has deteriorated, to the point that several of the OWTDS’s must be pumped out on a regular basis.

Consistent with Governor John Carney’s Clean Water for Delaware Initiative, the Lewes Board of Public Works (“BPW”) intends to improve the sewer and water utility infrastructure for the Community (the “Project”) by installing approximately 5,000 feet of 8-inch PVC sewer main (connected into the existing BPW collection system on Donovans Road), 23 manholes with frames and covers, and approximately 1,500 feet of 6-inch PVC house sewer services with wye fittings and cleanouts to the edge of the existing interior roadway to serve the 130 manufactured home units, along with approximately 700 feet of 10-inch PVC water main (connected into the existing BPW water distributions system on Donovans Road), 4,500 feet of 6-inch water main internal to the Property, 15 fire hydrants with valves and valve boxes, 21 valves (either 6-inch or 10-inch) and valve boxes, and approximately 1,500 feet of 1-inch PE house service pipe with corporation stops and curb valves and boxes to the edge of the existing interior roadway to serve the 130 manufactured home units, in addition to the associated restoration of approximately 8,200 square yards of asphalt paving within the Community and along Donovans Road, along with other associated improvements, all as shown in the plans on file with the BPW’s engineer (the “Utility Improvements”).  Once completed, the Utility Improvements within the Community will be owned by the BPW and shall be dedicated to the BPW, along with appropriate easements for the ongoing operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of same.  Funding for the Utility Improvements will be provided by two grant loans from State agencies — $2,283,063.00 from the DNREC Clean Water State Revolving Fund and $2,638,659.00 from the DHSS Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (the “Utility Improvement Loans”).  The Community owner will reimburse the BPW for all loan interest, and upon completion of the Utility Improvements, DNREC and DHSS will forgive the principal amount of each loan.

At this juncture, the Utility Improvement Loans have been approved by the Delaware Water Infrastructure Advisory Council, and the Community owner is waiting for the BPW and DNREC to finalize a required Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) and related documentation between the Community owner, the BPW, and DNREC for execution by all three parties.  Construction of the Utility Improvements is expected to commence in January of 2022 and be completed 16 months thereafter.

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