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Legal Writing & Editing Services

Baird Mandalas Brockstedt Federico & Cardea attorneys can help improve your legal writing and edit your brief or motion to give you the best chance for success.

“Success on appeal requires well-written and thoughtful briefs.”
-- Collins J. Seitz Jr., Delaware Chief Justice (The New Lawyers’ Survival Guide, DSBA, 2016-17)

“Briefs and written submissions are ever so much more important than oral presentations. Only about 5%–10% of the dispositions are affected by oral presentations. It’s therefore crucial that the arguments be sophisticated, sound, well structured, and compelling.”
-- Bryan Garner (

Why outsource legal writing and editing?

Your brief or motion is the most important communication with the Court. It could be your one chance to persuade because oral argument is discretionary. Even with oral argument, you need the Court to understand your arguments and be on your side from the start. And if the case is at the dispositive-motion or appeal stage, your written submission can be the difference between winning and losing.

You specialize in trial practice and have marshaled the facts for your case. But you may not have the experience or skill set to handle written persuasion alone. Or you may be too busy to devote the time necessary to produce excellent legal writing. For those reasons and more, let a legal writing specialist help you put your best case forward.

What services are available?

From a light touch to chief responsibility, we provide a range of services. Your brief or motion may just need review by a trained eye before filing. We can edit and improve your written product—focusing on organization, structure, persuasion, rule compliance, and clarity. And we can be involved earlier in the process, collaborating with you to write, edit, and file. We can also step in and, with your guidance, be principally responsible for writing your brief or motion.

Is it ethical?

Yes. ABA Opinion 08-451 states that a lawyer may outsource legal and non-legal services provided those outsourced services are rendered competently.


BMBFC’s attorneys have been recognized for their appellate practice, and they focus on legal writing and editing.

- Steve A. Spence was recognized in Delaware Today Top Lawyers for Contract Law in 2016, Appellate Law in 2017 and 2018, and Commercial Law in 2019.

Examples of the firm’s brief writing:


We offer flat fees for certain tasks and otherwise charge an hourly rate with a clear timeline, budget, and fee cap. You contract directly with the firm and may pass along the cost to the client—billed just like an expert, court reporter, or other litigation expense.