Legal matters are an inevitable part of a landlord’s job, from contracts to evictions to damages cases, most requiring court appearances. For these reasons, enlisting the services of a professional who specializes in landlord-tenant law can prove beneficial in the long run.

The following instances are easier to handle with the expertise of a proficient landlord tenant attorney. A lawyer can guide you through the expansive liabilities involved in managing your property and help you understand every legal aspect related to the real estate you oversee.

Drafting Lease Agreements

A lease agreement contains all the terms of a tenant’s rental within a landlord’s property. Lawyers can assist you with drafting a reasonable landlord-tenant agreement with clauses that cover every concern you may have. They can also collaborate with you for future revisions should the need arise. Keep these items in mind, as a well-written agreement can help you avoid problems and hearings in a small claims court.


Navigating tenant eviction matters on your own can have some pitfalls. For example, filling out the wrong eviction form can snowball into financial costs due to lost rent.

Having a trusty legal partner can make the process faster and easier, as a solid lawyer’s expertise will ensure the proper approach to everything. It’s advisable to work with a landlord tenant attorney for various eviction matters, including the following:

  • If you’re handling your first eviction.
  • If the tenant involved has hired a lawyer to dispute the eviction.
  • If the tenant involved is an employee that you’re going to fire.
  • If the tenant’s part of a subsidized rent program.

Legal Proceedings

If your tenant decides to sue you because of your actions as a landlord or for the conditions of your property, hiring an attorney instead of representing yourself will improve your odds of winning the case. Here are some instances that may lead to a legal proceeding:

  • A tenant getting injured or ill due to your reckless actions
  • Unremedied property damage in your rental unit
  • Claims of discrimination from a potential tenant

Restructured Business

If you decide to grant property ownership to a new partner, you’d have to reorganize all legal documentation for your business. A landlord lawyer can legitimize your shift in proprietorship by drafting new contracts and filing all essential paperwork. They can also help you understand your restructured business’s tax and legal ramifications.

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