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We hear of countless environmental accidents and subsequent impacts of corporate carelessness all the time. Here at BMB we are prosecuting environmental claims against Monsanto, for its dangerous production and sale of RoundUp and among others, against Mountaire for its role in contaminated groundwater. The victims of environmental contamination need help from attorneys who are experienced in Environmental law.

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Our legal team has the experience to fight for the rights of victims exposed to environmental contamination. BMB will ensure that you receive the justice that you deserve.

Consult with an attorney who specifically handles environmental contamination cases to determine whether you are entitled to compensation. At BMB, we will research the specific facts of your case to determine whether the contamination was caused by a certain individual or corporation having violated the rules or regulations governing the environment.


"CATAWBA, S.C. (June 8, 2021) – New-Indy Containerboard has been cutting environmental corners and releasing dangerous, noxious chemicals and pollutants into the air and inadequately treated wastewater to the Catawba River, according to a new federal lawsuit filed today. The company’s actions at its Catawba, S.C. paper mill is affecting the health and wellbeing of more than one million residents and workers in South Carolina and North Carolina." {See More..}

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Chase T. Brockstedt

Chase Brockstedt is the lead partner in the firm’s injury litigation department. He has dedicated his career to representing individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own and are seeking fair compensation. Chase has substantial experience in navigating the complicated world of insurance to ensure that his client’s medical bills and lost wages are paid on time and to recover damages for pain, suffering and permanent injuries.

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Stephen A. Spence

Stephen A. Spence focuses on trial and appellate civil litigation in all of Delaware’s courts, primarily serving local businesses and individuals.

He handles disputes in and out of court relating to real estate, business, and corporate law, fiduciary relationships, and creditors' rights.

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Brian V. DeMott

Over the years, Brian DeMott has researched complex civil and criminal issues ranging from employment discrimination to post-conviction relief. As a Leadership Delaware Fellow, Mr. DeMott has gone through an intensive, year-long course in which he learned about issues facing the First State.

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Catherine practices civil litigation representing her clients in personal injury, premises liability, property damage, medical negligence and commercial litigation matters. Catherine is part of the firm’s Mass Tort & Environmental Litigation team and has assisted clients in class action litigation.

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Mackenzie M. Peet

Mackenzie is an associate attorney with the firm. Her practice is concentrated in the areas of Real Estate and Land Use.

She is a member of the Delaware State Bar Association, a member of the Village Improvement Association (VIA), and Master Networks.

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