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We are representing school districts across the country that have filed lawsuits against social media companies over the costs associated with supporting students’ increasing needs for mental, behavioral, and emotional health resources. Addictive social media products are driving a nationwide youth mental health crisis, and school districts are at the forefront of tackling this pressing issue. With so many young people in turmoil, schools have been forced to divert crucial resources to help students in need of mental health services.


American children and teenagers are facing an unprecedented mental health epidemic, with top researchers and government agencies observing a dramatic increase in youth mental health crises over the course of the last decade. According to the most recent data from the CDC’s bi-annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2021, 42% of high school students experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, up from 28% in 2011.

Source: CDC U.S. Teen Girls Experiencing Increased Sadness and Violence (

This decline in youth mental health has been directly correlated with the widespread adoption of social media. The connection here is an overuse of social media caused by apps designed to addict kids. Social media companies are intentionally designing their products to keep children engaged as long as possible and, in many cases, leading them to dangerous content affecting their mental health. Young people are particularly susceptible to the devastating consequences of overreliance on social media such as depression, self-harm, eating disorders, suicide contemplation, and actual suicide attempts.

To seek justice and hold these social media giants accountable, we are now turning to our justice system to pressure social media companies to address the physical and psychological harm children have suffered as a result of social media addiction.

BMBFC is now representing Prince George’s County Public Schools, one of the 20 largest school districts in the county, in their litigation against social media giants for their role in the youth mental health crisis.


Social media companies, including Meta, Google, ByteDance, and Snap, which own and operate the largest social media platforms in the world are facing wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits. This litigation is filed on behalf of minors affected by the severe mental and physical harms caused by their products, including mental health problems, eating disorders, and suicide.

We are currently representing over two dozen school districts across the country, including Prince George’s County and Harford County Public Schools in Maryland. The lawsuits seek both monetary damages and injunctive relief, which would require social media companies to make changes to their addictive algorithms and other adjustments to the designs of their products.

BMBFC attorneys are reviewing these accusations to help support impacted children, families, and schools in their search for answers. BMBFC is prepared to help hold social media companies accountable.

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Philip Federico

Phil Federico specializes in mass tort/class action lawsuits and environmental law. He has been involved in historic and groundbreaking litigation with verdicts and settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Phil also has extensive experience in personal injury, sexual abuse and misconduct, and healthcare.

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Chase Brockstedt is the lead partner in the firm’s injury litigation department. He has dedicated his career to representing individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own and are seeking fair compensation. Chase has substantial experience in navigating the complicated world of insurance to ensure that his client’s medical bills and lost wages are paid on time and to recover damages for pain, suffering and permanent injuries.

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Brent Ceryes is a partner at BMBFC and has experience in environmental law personal injury, sexual abuse and misconduct, and healthcare litigation. He served as counsel in the firm’s $123 million class action settlement in the Earl Bradley pedophile pediatrician case, and in the firm’s $190 million class action settlement with The Johns Hopkins Hospital arising out of the conduct of Nikita Levy, M.D., an obstetrician gynecologist who surreptitiously videotaped his patients during gynecologic examinations.

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Matt assists in representing clients in a variety of mass tort and class action matters. He is currently involved in cases regarding individuals exposed to potential bloodborne pathogens in an ambulatory surgery center, dozens of public entities in litigation against opioid manufacturers and distributors, and numerous school boards in lawsuits against vaping company JUUL.

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